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Smart cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands

In total, Dutch people cycle around 15 billion kilometers / 10 billion miles a year. That is more than 880 kilometers / 550 miles per person per year, spread out over approximately 250 to 300 bicycle rides. This makes the bicycle good for almost a quarter of all journeys.
The Netherlands has 37,000 kilometers / 29,000 miles of separated cycle paths and 4,700 kilometers / 2,900 miles of roads with bicycle lanes.

There are many different types of bike paths in the Netherlands. There are free standing cycle paths: both compulsory and non-obligatory cycle paths (different blue signs) and there is the cycle / moped path combination.
Then you also have the bike paths that are part of the roadway. These bike paths are called bicycle lanes. You have three types: bicycle lanes with solid line, with broken line and so-called bicycle suggestion lanes. The first two have a bicycle symbol painted on the road and cars are not allowed to park or stop there. Only the broken line may be crossed by a motorist.

The most important bicycle signs and bicycle cycling rules you can find in this previous item of ours.

The Netherlands is littered cycle bollards in the middle of the cycle lane, often they are at the beginning. This is to prevent cars from parking on the bike path or using the cycle lane as a short cut. But cyclist have to pay attention to these bollards, especially when it is a bit busy and you are riding fast.

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Written on: Jan, 22 2021
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