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What are the Dutch cycling rules and regulations?

Article 185 (liability)
If you collide with a car, you can rely on Article 185 of the Road Traffic Act. This article stipulates that the driver of a motor vehicle is partly liable for the consequences of an accident with a pedestrian or cyclist, unless there was force majeure. Practice shows that it is difficult for motorists to substantiate this force majeure. The motorist is almost always at least fifty percent liable for the damage to cyclist and bicycle. If children under the age of fourteen are involved even 100 percent. Some people believe that cyclists and pedestrians consciously take extra risks with this rule. That is nonsense of course. No cyclist is waiting for a wheelchair, even though it is reimbursed by insurance.

The article is also not about liability as many people think. If the cyclist or pedestrian turns out to be guilty, his insurance (WA) pays the motorist's damage. The point is purely that the insurance of the "stronger" motorist pays the injury damage of cyclists and pedestrians. This also prevents the often years of procedures that aggravate the suffering of a traffic victim.

Priority roads
The priority road is indicated by shark teeth and / or by priority signs. Drivers from side roads must give priority to all drivers on the priority road. With an exit construction, often in the form of a continuous curb, priority must be given to all traffic, including pedestrians.

Right priority
At equivalent crossings, all drivers coming from the left must give priority to drivers coming from the right. An equivalent crossing is a crossing where the priority is not regulated by special measures (traffic lights, signs, shark teeth). Drivers are motorists, motorcyclists, mopeds, cyclists, coachmen, riders and escorts of draft animals. So basically all road users except pedestrians, skaters and skaters

* Want to stop cycling while on the bike path? Always stop as far right as possible, people who want to pass you by will always do so on your left!
Stop of the road right side Holland (always stop on the right)

• The rules, exceptions and design on roundabouts can differ per municipality. The applicable rules are indicated with signs and especially shark teeth. For cyclists it is advisable to always pay close attention to the shark teeth. Traffic that drives at the roundabout has, in principle, priority over traffic approaching or leaving the roundabout.
• Cyclists do not have priority on roundabouts outside built-up areas. Within urban areas, cyclists on the roundabout usually have priority over declining car traffic. It is therefore advisable to be very careful at roundabouts
• In addition, it is certainly important at and on roundabouts to give proper direction (also mandatory) and to seek eye contact. Show what you are up to.

Living areas
At residential areas you are obliged, just like elsewhere, to give priority to all drivers from the right.

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Written on: Apr, 02 2021
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