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What are the most important cycling traffic signs & rules in the Netherlands?

When coming over to another county and being part of traffic you will always find that some of the signs and rules will be different then the ones your used to. Especially in the Netherlands you can find some new customs as the Netherlands has a big cycling infrastructure with special bike lanes and rules that come with it.

Two of the most important rules for cyclist
- It is always important to stay on the right hand side. This rule we have in traffic for cars, but is also very important for cyclist. As cycling roads are often wide enough for one or two cyclist, and you will find many cyclist on the road with different speeds, people will always pass you on the left. When suddenly moving to the left while not looking behind you, you could create an accident. Also sudden stops while people cycle behind you could be dangerous. You are therefore always expected to stop as much on the right side of the road as possible.
- Another important rule is that when you are at a crossing with no specific signings for cyclist, is that the person from the right is allowed to go first. Some traffic signs can change this rule and below you can therefore find more information about the different signs.

Important traffic signs for cyclists
- Bicycle path or bicycle lane
Bicycle path or lane blue signs

- Bicycles not allowed
Bicycles not allowed signs the Netherlan

- Give way to traffic/Yield (sign or road markings)
Give wat or yield traffic sign Netherlan

Important traffic sign texts for cyclists
- Fietsers uitgezonderd - Rule does not apply to cyclists (combined with a sign, rule or restriction).
- Fietsers afstappen - Cyclists must dismount.
- Doorgaand verkeer - Main thru-traffic, non-local traffic.
- Slecht wegdek - Beware of poor road surface.
- Zachte/gevaarlijke berm - Soft and dangerous shoulder/verge.
- Fietsenstalling - Bicycle parking facility (often guarded).
- Hier geen fietsen plaatsen - Do not park bicycles here (if ignored your bike could be confiscated).

Most roads, and almost all cycle paths in Holland are well signposted. These are either blue signs for both motorized and non-motorized traffic, and white signs with red letters (and sometimes a bicycle logo) for cyclists. If possible, follow the white signs since this will lead you on bicycle paths rather than main roads.
sign motorized and non motorized traffic

1 kilometer = 0.62 mile and 1 mile =1.6 kilometer.
Written on: Dec, 11 2019
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