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How to avoid saddle sore while on a multiple day cycling holiday?

Most cyclists know this problem: saddle sores. Saddle sore occurs because blood vessels and nerves are compressed by rubbing skin against skin or cycling shorts. Often saddle sore only occurs during longer bike rides, or when cycling several consecutive days. Either way, it is not a pleasant feeling.

Partly, there is nothing else to do than train often and become accustomed (it will get better!). Fortunately, there are also several measures you can take to prevent or relieve the soreness.

The correct posture

It absolutely matters what type of bike you ride and how you adjust the bike. For example, the height and angle of the handlebars are very different per type of bicycle. But other elements, such as the legs and the basic back posture, are the same on all bikes (note this is not the angle of the back). A good posture helps to distribute the pressure points correctly so that saddle pain is less likely to occur.

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Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are definitely a must in the fight against saddle sores. Cycling shorts have a chamois that forms around your buttocks like an extra cushion. These chamois come in many shapes and sizes and there is also a separate chamois for each gender. Always get good advice which pants suits your cycling style.

When using cycling shorts, it is wise not put on underpants while cycling. Underpants will chafe, causing your skin to become irritated and increases the chance of saddle sore. Also, it is important that you can alternate cycling pants so that you can wash and dry the used pants every day. This way you do not give bacteria a chance, because this can also cause irritation.

Chamois creme

As a third technique to combat saddle sores is to use a good greasy chamois cream. You use this not only when you already have problems, but also preventive. The cream reduces the scrub between your body and the cycling shorts. In addition, it prevents bacteria. It can also cool the skin and soothe pain for already irritated skin.

Chamois creme

Our recreational touring bikes have a Selle Royal Ariel gel seat. We also offer gel seats pads to put on top of the saddle. Last but not least, you can always bring your own saddle that you are accustomed to, that we will attach to our bikes at the tour start. Read about our other equipment here


Image: Selle Royal Ariel gel seat
Written on: May, 18 2021
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