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How do I maintane my own bicycle?

Everybody owning a bicycle knows they should do it, but how many do it?

Finding the time for bicycle maintenance often falls short. Though with this message we hope to motivate you to maintain your bike today! Well-maintained bicycle rides much more comfortable and much safer, whether you cycle in the streets, the club or in the mountains.

The first step shows a lot of result, cleaning your bike. Especially in the winter this is important. Sand, mud, splashing water and brine can get your bicycle quite dirty. If you clean your regularly you will get to enjoy the beauty and suppplecity of your bike for many more years. Riding a mountain bike? Or a sensitive road bike? Then cleaning your bike after every ride is advised. A small brush (an old toothbrush?) can become in handy for the difficult places you cannot reach with a towel.

Besides cleaning there is other maintenance. Some you can try to learn yourself. On YouTube many handy tutorials can be found. Such as, how to:
- Lubricate bicycle chain
- Fixing a buckled wheel
- Check the tire pressure and learn to recognize wear in time
- Check brake pads and cables

If you’re not certain you have done a probe job, it is important to let a professional check your bike. Though learning to take care of your bike yourself, is a fantastic way to spend some time!

At Holland Bike Tours the quality of our bikes is very important. Ater every tour the bikes are cleaned, and every aspect of the bike gets checked. Bigger maintenance is done on a regular basics. Learn more about our bikes here.

Let’s start to learn today? Watch a video on maintaining your bike here

Source video: Global Cycling Network

Written on: Nov, 17 2021
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