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Cycling tours in Holland

Holland: the number one destination for cyclists in Europe

Discover the Dutch heritage by bike

The best way to see the historic towns in the Netherlands is from the seat of a bicycle!

In Holland you can cycle everywhere!

The unique cycling infrastructure in Holland comprises over 35,000 km / 21,700 mi of bike paths

Pedaling the Dutch dunes

Excellent cycling along the famous North Sea coastal bicycle path

Cycling along the Dutch gems

Discover the hidden gems of Holland that can only be seen from a bicycle...

Cycling the Dutch lowlands

Great cycling options along the Dutch river dikes


Relaxed cycling tours on bikes with an upright riding position
fun - fitness – adventure


Recreational bike touring with an extra push in the back
fun - some excercise - relaxed

Road bike

Sportive way of bicycle touring on a bike with dropdown handlebars
mileage - training - adventure

A unique cycling experience in Holland

Holland, or the Netherlands is the number one destination for cyclists in Europe. Let Holland Bike Tours lead you along the many Dutch hidden gems that can only be seen from the seat of a bicycle!

What sets us apart:

  • Private tours
  • Custom made itineraries
  • Most scenic and safest routes
  • Accommodation with character
  • High quality bicycles
  • Easy navigation with GPS
  • Personal contact
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