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Longest bicycle bridge of Europe opened this February!

The bridge runs from Winschoten to Blauwestad and according to the municipality, the 800-meter long bridge is the longest in Europe.

During the construction of the bridge it was called 'de Blauwe loper', but since last week the bridge has been renamed Pieter Smitbrug. Pieter Smit was the former mayor of Oldambt, who died suddenly in 2018. The bridge is a tribute to him.

What is special is that this bridge crosses the flight-path of bats. Trees have been planted along the bridge so that the bats can find their way around. Nesting boxes for birds hang under the bridge and the lighting on the bridge is LED, which does not bother animals.

In the video below you can learn more about the variety of features that make this bridge even more innovative:
Source video: | Bicycle Dutch

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Written on: Feb, 26 2021
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