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How Dutch companies provide bicycle facilities to employees

Besides living in the cycling-paradise the Dutch prefer to pay as little taxes as possible, as is the case anywhere else in the world. The Dutch government introduced laws for companies to avoid paying taxes and rather spend their money on providing bicycle facilities for their employees. And it is working. 27% of all Dutch traffic, is bicycle traffic. And in some cities, like Amsterdam, this number is even much higher (36%).

Even though above numbers look good, the government wants to do more. Now that the E-bike has become more popular than we ever imagined, and over 50% of all car use is under 7,5 km (4.6mi). There is still enough to win. Especially as 7,5 km is a distance that is very acceptable by most Dutch to cover on a bike.

Man cycling to work helmet suit

1. Reimbursement for cycling to work: Tax free reimbursement of € 0,19 per kilometer for cycling to work. The tax free part is equal to the reimbursement when an employee travels by car.
2. Lease a bike: Just like cars companies can lease bikes for their employee’s to travel to work. Especially interesting for those who cycle longer distances. The development of mobile bike repair services facilitates this idea.
3. Company bike: instead of providing a company car employers can provide a company bike, allowing the employee to cycle home on its company bike and back to work again.
4. For everyone who uses company bikes, 7% of the retail price of the bike, should be added to their taxable income

The government is also working on improving and extending of the cycling-highways. These are wide bike paths that have priority at almost all intersections. This way cycling is often equally as fast as riding your car, or even faster.

Written on: Jan, 21 2022
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