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Tour Levels: How many km/mi distance a day is best for us during our bike tour?

At Holland Bike Tours we offer three levels of physical fitness as a measure for the degree of difficulty in our set cycling tours.

EASY – You cycle 1-3 times a week and in normal physical condition. | Easy Tours
MODERATE* - You cycle 3-5 times a week and are in good physical condition. | Moderate Tours
CHALLENGING – You are well-trained and cycle longer distances. | Challenging Tours

* Cycling on a E-Bike? Then also the moderate tours can be seen as easy!

Your tour choice can be based on your profile match, but you might prefer an easier level when the focus of your trip is on sightseeing and frequent stops at points of interest, so different from what you're used to at home.

In our set tour you can often find two route options. You will receive both these options on GPS so you can decide in the morning if you feel more like making the longer- or the shorter route option. One of these tours with three days of two route options is the Old Towns and Villages Tour
We can also tailor make any type of tour, as flexibility is important to us. So, for groups of 4+ persons we often create one route for the entire group, and an extra loop after arriving at the accommodation. This will be in the in the area around the town for the more experienced cyclist who prefer a more challenging day.
Also, we can have long days- and include shorter days on your multiple day tour so you have more time to spend in a specific town or area to explore on foot.

General recommendations
On the first day of cycling, we advise a shorter distance than you're used to. You will not be on your full fitness level yet at the beginning of your trip. Also, It might take you longer travel time to get to your starting point. A third reason to make the first day a little shorter is the Tour Start. At Holland Bike Tours we take about 1 hour to completely fit your bikes and explain the route and GPS. Going on a longer tour, you can increase your distances slowly during the tour. You will notice that after a couple of days on the bike your legs want to start the cycling motion even when you're not even on your bike. Your body is ready for longer distances. Another recommendation is to not forget to plan rest days in your tour. Together with your Travel Advisor you can plan a layover day at a fantastic town or village to explore the area and give your legs some rest. At least one rest day per week is advised.

A common mistake
One of the mistakes that can be made is the temptation among people wo want to try and cover as much distance a day as they can, to see as much of the country in a short period of time. It is understandable, but not a good idea as it will take away the joy of your bike ride. If you want to see more but only have a limited number of days, then come back another time! There are many very different cycling regions in the Netherlands so there is much value in coming back a second, third or even 10th time!

You can always contact your travel advisor at Holland Bike Tours to discuss your ideas and preferences so he/she can advise you for your best individual customized distance options!
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Written on: Apr, 16 2021
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