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The staff of Holland Bike Tours is a professional and dedicated group of Dutch cycling enthusiasts. Each one has his or her specific and long time expertise on either cycling routes, bicycle technology, tour planning, accommodation and website presentation.

We are not a bike tour reseller, or even a ‘re-re-reseller’ (many of whom you will find on the internet). We are local and we organize and arrange everything for your tour ourselves, and are fully responsible for every single aspect of it.

We offer a program of high quality bike tours in the Netherlands with flexible itineraries, or we can fully tailor a tour for you. And we keep searching for exciting ‘hidden treasures’: short and long, challenging and relaxing, basic and luxurious, and tours you would not expect.

Quick and personal tour selection - clear and intuitive presentation - immediate booking facilities - fully responsive to all screen sizes. These are the basics for our website design. Supported by your own booking account which includes concise travel information about the Netherlands.

We hope that after your cycling tour in Holland, along with many other cyclists, you will sigh: “The toughest part is going home”.

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            Rian Blok
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