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The best country for cycling

Holland is definitely one of the most cycle-friendly countries in the world. The country is flat and the cycling infrastructure is excellent. There are over 35,000 km / 21,700 miles of well maintained, separate bicycle paths (called a fietspad), incorporating bridges, tunnels and ferries. Cycling is a very common means of commuting to work, doing the shopping, exercising or just for pleasure. 17 million people live in the Netherlands and together they own 22 million bicycles. Holland Bike Tours has selected the best cycling regions owing to their uniqueness, diversity of landscape and cycling facilities. Each of our tours represents at least one of these areas.

Safe cycling

Holland is a very safe country for cycling


When to go

When is the best weather for a bike holiday in Holland


Facts and figures

General information of the Netherlands, useful for cycling tourists



The Dutch geography and the struggle against the sea



The rich Dutch history over the centuries

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