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The Afsluitdijk and Houtribdijk temporarily (partially) closed for cyclist

The Afsluitdijk and Houtribdijk are more than just protection against floods. They are also motorways used by thousands of people every day. You can drive, cycle or walk from one end to the other and enjoy the splendid view. At the Afsluitdijk; on one side, the Wadden Sea, on the other, IJsselmeer lake.

Both the Afsluitdijk and Houtribdijk are requested area's for our cycling routes. Unfortunately both cycling paths will be closed for a part of the summer to secure our highly needed watermanagement for the next 100 years.

At Houtribdijk you can still cycle halve-way up the dijk and take a pendel bus from there. The cycling path on the Afsluitdijk will be under construction for 3 years since this year. Also here there will be pendel buses to get you and your bike across.

For cyclist who want to see more of these dykes from the water up, we'd be more then happy to arrange a barge, sailing boat, or typical Frisian Skûtsje across the Ijsselmeer!


Written on: Mar, 29 2019
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