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Despite the excellent cycling infrastructure and facilities for cyclists there are still a few thing that cyclist in the Netherlands consider as annoying and stressful. Check the results of a survey among more than 8,000 respondents.

Bicycle theft:
Irritation number one (89 % score). Cyclists in the Netherlands take additional security measures against bike theft – more than one lock, insurance and locking their bike at home.

The e-bike is becoming more popular. But the so-called speed e-bike, that can reach 45 km per hour, is not embraced. A large majority of respondents (71%), thinks this type of bike does not belong on the bike paths. Starting next year, the speed e-bike is equated with the moped.
Stop of the road right side Holland
Sometimes (7%) riders feel unsafe on their bike, mostly caused by cars and lorries or poor road surfaces. A helmet for recreational cycling is not necessary according to most respondents. Only 15% of all respondents think a helmet law for all cyclist is a good plan.

Other cyclists
Cyclists are more annoyed by the behavior of other cyclist than by motorized traffic!
Top irritation:
- Not giving directions
- Cycling with no light during darkness
- Text messaging on a mobile phone while cycling
- Cycling two (or even three) abreast on narrow roads or bike paths
- Scooters and mopeds on the bike paths.
Written on: Apr, 07 2016
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