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Holland Bike Tours - Equipment Insurance Conditions

1. The Insured: User(s) of equipment during a cycling tour, organized by Holland Bike Tours.
2. Insured articles: bicycles which are the property of Holland Bike Tours.
3. Coverage: Fire, theft or damage arising from any calamity, internal or external.
4. Area: the insurance is valid within The Netherlands and Belgium.
5. Contract: The Holland Bike Tours representative will hand over the insurance notification to the Insured at the tour start.
6. Own risk / deductible: The first Euro 70 per incident is not covered by the insurance and is the Insured’s own risk / deductable.
7. Damage and loss exclusions: Non-designated use, criminal intent, molestation by war or large-scale riots, nuclear accidents.
8. Damage: The Insured must at all time immediately report a theft, loss or damage by accident to Holland Bike Tours and the local police. A referred police report and specified repair invoice must be handed over to Holland Bike Tours at the end of the cycling tour.
9. Restrictions: The Insured is obligated to lock the bicycle securely when left unattended. In case of loss or theft he/she must at all times be able to provide the key(s) to the lock(s) provided by Holland Bike Tours and also a police report, describing the particular loss or theft.
10. If the Insured cannot not fulfill the requirements stated in articles 8 and 9, he will be held responsible for the combined loss and damages. These costs are: Children's bike Euro 500, Recreational bike Euro 1000, Road bike Euro 1500, Carbon road bike / E-bike / Tandem Euro 2500.
11. Other rental articles (GPS devices, panniers) cannot be insured. Damages to these articles will result in a charge of the cost of the damages. For a total loss of these articles the costs are: GPS device Euro 350, Pannier Euro 45, Plug in lock / Tool set / Map Euro 15.
12. Insurance rate per bicycle per day: Recreational bicycle €1.50 (minimum €10) / Road bicycle €2.50 (minimum €15) / E-Bike & other bicycle €3.50 (minimum €20).
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