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Recreational cycling

two couples of recreational cyclist in tfun - fitness - adventure | Recreational tours | Our recreational bikes
This is relaxed cycling on bikes with an upright riding position. Recreational bikers usually bike for the scenery and also to stay fit. Recreational biking is sometimes referred to as “bike sightseeing” because the pace of the bike ride is usually pretty leisurely and the focus is on having fun rather than on training for a road biking competition. Recreational cycling is also a great family activity. If you have been looking for a way to get your kids off the couch and being more active, recreational cycling can be a great way to get them interested in being outdoors.


Couple riding E-bikes helmetfun - some exercise - relaxed cycling | E-bike tours | Our E-bikes
This is recreational cycling where you ride a bike with a small electric motor that is powered by an onboard battery. To avoid misunderstandings, an E-bicycle is not about traveling at high speed, and it is not an electric moped or scooter. The electric assistance only complements, and therefore does not replace the necessary human pedaling power. The E-bike gives you the extra ‘push’ when accelerating and riding against a headwind, and it therefore makes cycling easier. Ideal for those who prefer relaxed cycling, some seniors or less fit cyclists. E-bikes are heavy and therefore we advise you only to use one if you are a skilled cyclist.

Road biking

Group of road cyclist on roadmileage - training - adventure | Road bike tours | Our road bikes
The sporty way of cycling on paved roads on a lightweight bicycle with drop down handlebars and derailleur gear system. This type of cycling is called ‘Racefietsen’ or ‘Koersfietsen’ in Dutch - this only has to do with the type of bike, you will not be part of a road race competition.

Tour Levels

We use three levels of physical fitness as a measure for the degree of difficulty. Your tour choice can be based on your profile match, but you might prefer an easier level when the focus of your trip is on sightseeing and frequent stops at points of interest.

EASY – You cycle 1-3 times a week an in normal physical condition. | Easy tours
MODERATE - You cycle 4-6 times a week and are in good physical condition. | Moderate tours
CHALLENGING – You are well-trained and cycle longer distances. | Challenging tours

Tour Support

Individual, GPS-guided tours

You ride individually and without a guide. You’ll have the flexibility to start your tour any date, ride at your own pace and take breaks at your leisure. “Individually” certainly does not mean that you’re totally on your own. We organize your lodging (room with breakfast) and luggage transportation (transfer service or in panniers on your bike). At the tour start we provide you with a GPS device with daily routes for corner to corner navigation. You will also receive a paper map for an overview of the route. Breakdown support is also included in the tour price. Six weeks before the start of your tour, a comprehensive set of travel and tour information will be made available in your "My Bike Tour" account. | GPS guided tours

Guided group tours

These are tours with 8-15 participants. Our cycling guides have great local knowledge and provides information about the points of interest. You can cycle with the group, or you can also choose to cycle individually or with a few of the group members from stop to stop (coffee-lunch-tea), using the route description. Often there is a support vehicle for roadside assistance, catering and any intermediate transfers. Luggage transfers are included in all our guided tours. | Guided group tours

Exclusive tours

A number of our tours are labeled “Exclusive”.
These are luxury tours that excel in the following:
• 4-5 star hotels with character.
• All meals included.
• Best quality bikes, included in the tour price.
• Expert guides with local knowledge.
• Non-cycling program (e.g. museums, presentations).

Group tours

Group of cyclists on bike ride through p
Cycling clubs and companies planning a private cycling tour in the Netherlands can contact our route manager. You will receive a tour proposal according to your tour preferences desired non-cycling activities including a group discount. For our group tours we include a tour brochure with detailed information of your custom tour with your club or company logo.

Tours with children

Happy kid boy of 3 or 5 years having funMost children have surprisingly good stamina and love cycling during vacations. As it is probably the safest place in the world to do this, children of all ages cycle in Holland. Nevertheless, if you (as a tourist) intend to go to Holland for a relaxing cycling tour with your children, we recommend that they are at least 8 years old to cycle independently, on their own bike. Not only will they be more conscious of other road users (e.g. low-powered scooters that sometimes share bike paths), but they will also be more able to understand traffic signs and traffic regulations. For younger children we have child adult tandems (5-8 years, 120-140 cm) and tagalongs (4-8 years, 115-135 cm) available.
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