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Best routes

Holland has an impressive network of bike paths and cycle lanes. Plotting routes is based on our expertise of the local Dutch geography, landscapes and the unique cycling infrastructure.
• Attractive - Self-guided routes are set out as beautifully and as varied as possible; our route manager knows every scenic stretch and hidden gem. This of course means that the emphasis lies on the most scenic, and therefore not the shortest routes. During guided tours our guide(s) of course know the best routes and you will have ample opportunity to spend time at the scenic highlights.
• Safe - The routes follow as many bicycle paths as possible. Special attention is given to traffic density and the quality of few roads where you have to share roads with motorized traffic. For more information visit our Safe Cycling page.
• Balanced - Our aim is to equalize your cycling efforts each day, but this also depends on the accommodation locations. This means that the daily routes are as balanced as possible, although you do not cycle exactly the same distance every day.
• Recreational versus road bike - We distinguish between recreational cycling routes and road bike routes. Our focus on the recreational and e-bike routes is on the smaller back roads and narrower paths. For the (faster) road bike routes the emphasis is on smooth road surfaces, wider paths/roads with fewer bends and curves and less recreational cycling traffic.
Sigmna ROX 12 GPS navigation computer

GPS navigation included

With Holland Bike Tours GPS navigation is included in your tour. Riding with paper instructions and detailed maps may sound adventurous and even nostalgic, but getting lost is frustrating and can take a lot of pleasure out of your holiday. Over the years we have experienced that navigating with the help of GPS is reliable and much more relaxing. Especially in the relatively dense Dutch cycling infrastructure, with lots of corners to turn. Your state-of-the-art and user-friendly GPS device contains the daily routes with door-to-door navigation.
Along with the GPS, we also provide you with a 1:200,000 scale cycling map for overview and as a back up for alternative navigation by the so called node-point (numbered junctions) system.

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