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Equipment for your bike tour

With years of experience we are very picky on the quality of our equipment. The gear we offer is modern, of high quality and top brands and is fully adapted to European cycling conditions. A bicycle is included with all our recreational tours and e-bike tours. For road bike tours you can rent one or you can bring your own bike. GPS navigation is included with all tours.
Despite the high quality and excellent servicing of our bikes, equipment failure can occur. For minor defects you can use the toolkit provided or visit one of the many local bicycle repair shops. In case of a major breakdown that prevents you from continuing your tour we send out our included mobile repair service.

Touring bike

These are bicycles with straight handlebars and an upright riding position. Our touring bikes are the best you will find in Holland. The bikes are lighter of weight than other recreational bikes, but without having to compromise on comfort and durability.
Our recreational tours

bicycle vsf t300- Various frame sizes for all heights
- Smooth 8-speed Shimano Premium hub gearing
- Sensitive Magura hydraulic brakes with brake booster
- Schwalbe tires with anti-puncture layer
- Fenders and chain guard
- Comfortable Selle Royal gel seat
- Ergonomic handelbar grips
- Front- and rear light
- Mounted lock
- Weight 16 kg / 35 lbs
- GPS navigation
- Mobile repair service


The E-bike is a recreational bike that has a small electric motor which is powered by an onboard battery. The correct name is Pedelec - the abbreviation for "Pedal Electric Cycle". The electric assistance only complements, and therefore does not replace the necessary human pedaling power. If you prefer a little extra support, the E-bike is a good alternative for the standard recreational bike.
Our E-bike tours

cube town 500- Aluminum step-through frame
- Front suspension
- Internal hub gearing, 7 speed
- Intuitive engine controls
- Long-lasting battery
- Powerfull V-brakes
- Fenders and chain guard
- Comfortable gel seat
- Front- and rear light
- Mounted lock
- Weight 24 kg / 52 lbs
- GPS navigation
- Mobile repair service

››    An E-bike weighs more than a normal recreational bike and the riding characteristics are also different. Therefore we advise you to practise riding an E-bike before your tour starts.

Road bike

A lightweight bicycle with downturned handlebars and derailleur gear system. Our road bikes (the Dutch call them 'racing bikes') are of renowned brands and well serviced. | Our road bike tours

holland-road-bike- Rigid aluminum frame in various sizes
- Comfortable and not too racy frame geometry
- High quality components
- 20-speed Shimano 105 gearing
- Combined bake-shift levers
- Various types of cleat pedals
- Weight 9 kg / 20 lbs
- GPS navigation
- Mobile repair service

On the booking form you can indicate whether you want to bring your own saddle and/or pedals and have these fitted onto your rental road bike.

››    Prefer a hybrid style road bike with straight handle bars? These are available as well at the same price.
››    Want to go for a super lightweight road bike? We also offer a full carbon frame upgrade with Shimano Ultegra gearing.

Bags | Panniers

For most recreational tours you have the option to transport your luggage in panniers on your bike.
Your bicycle will be equipped with one pair of waterproof rear panniers (bags) with a content of approximately 20 liters / 44 lbs each.
››    If you choose to have your luggage transferred we include one pannier per bike, to store your daily items.

Our lightweight road bikes are not equipped with racks and cannot take panniers. Therefore luggage transfers are included in road bike tours and we provide you with a cyclist's backpack, to store your daily bits and pieces. This backpack includes special vertical ventilation to minimize sweating on your back.


For everyday recreational cycling, helmets are rarely worn in the Netherlands. For more information visit our Safe Cycling page.


For every tour we provide you with:
• Water bottle
• Cable lock
• Minipump
• Small tool set (allen wrench etc.)

Mobile repair service

Cropped shot of male mechanic working inDespite the high quality and excellent servicing of our bikes, equipment failure can occur. To feel more secure we offer quick response mobile repair service during your bike tour in Holland. For minor defects you can use the toolkit provided or visit one of the many local bicycle repair shops. For equipment failure that prevents you from riding your bike you can call our emergency phone number. We give immediate advice and we active one of our fully equipped mobile workshops. The average response time is 30 minutes and the on-the-spot repair success rate is 95%. Where the 5% of breakdowns prevent the continued use of the bicycle, you will be taken to the next accommodation address where your bike will be replaced as soon as possible.

  • The mobile repair service is included in the tour price

Equipment insurance

Bicycle insurance, covering damage and theft can be taken out at the tour start. Premiums are:
• Touring bicycle - €2.50 per day, with a minimum of €15
• Road bicycle - €3.50 per day, with a minimum of €20
• E-bike & other bicycles - €4.50 per day, with a minimum of €30
Holland Bike Tours Equipment Insurance Conditions
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