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Time differences in the Netherlands

The standard time zone for the Netherlands is GMT + 1 hour.

Time display

The European 24-hour clock is used for displaying the time in Holland:
0-12 AM = 00:00 - 11.59 hours
1-12 PM = 12.00 - 23.59 hours
The 24 hour clock looks like this:
9 hours [nine hours] or 9.00 hrs [nine hundred hours] = 9 AM
14 hours [fourteen hours] or 14.00 hrs [fourteen hundred hours] = 2 PM
•     Half hours are expressed in the Netherlands as half after the hour. So 9.30 hours is expressed as “half ten".

Time differences:

Time differences between the Netherlands and the U.S. time zones:
EST – Eastern Standard Time: - 7 hours
CST - Central Standard Time: - 8 hours
MST - Mountain Standard Time: - 9 hours
PST - Pacific Standard Time: - 10 hours
AKST - Alaska Standard Time: - 11 hours
HAST - Hawaii Standard Time: - 12 hours

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