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Taking your own bike to the Netherlands

holland-bicycle-transportationTaking your bike to Holland by car is easy. Put it on a roof rack, or the tow-ball bike carrier or transport it – dismantled – inside your car.
Bike transport by air is pretty easy too, but it needs a little more preparation. The regulations for taking bikes, differ from airline to airline. Some take bicycles as part of your luggage allowance of 20 kg/44 lb, and charge you nothing, while others charge extra. Check your airline for the most recent information. Air transportation can result in damage to the frame and components of your bike if it is not properly protected. For a single transfer, use a cardboard bicycle box to pack your bike. These are available at most bike shops and airports. Pack the box at home or (take your time!) at the airport terminal. If you travel frequently, consider purchasing a bike bag or a bike case. These are more expensive than bike boxes, but they offer much more protection than cardboard and can be used over and over again. Additionally, they include wheels on the bottom of the box for easy transportation through the airport.

How to pack your bike for air transportation

* this applies to bike boxes - for bike bags or cases read the instruction booklet *
•     Remove the pedals from your bike.
•     Remove the handlebars and attach them sideways to the frame so the bike fits easily into the box.
•     With smaller boxes, remove the seat stem, and either one or both wheels | you can put dowels between the wheel dropouts for extra protection.
•     Wrap padding around derailleur gears and other vulnerable parts.
•     Stuff your helmet, pedals, pedal wrench and other gear inside the bike box, and make certain that all items are firmly attached to the bike so you don't lose anything if the box should get ripped open.
•     Close the box using straps or reinforced tape, then carefully seal all the edges.
•     Clearly mark the destination, the flight number and your name on all six sides of the box using a black permanent marker | do not forget to erase this for your return flight.

Packing your bike in a bike box

Packing your bike in a bicycle bag

Packing your bike in a bike case

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