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Health issues in the Netherlands

There are no health risks associated with travel to the Netherlands. Medical facilities are of high quality and widely available. No inoculations are required. It is safe to drink tap water, and in most places it also tastes good.

Emergency Services

holland-cycling-emergenciesIn case of an emergency in the Netherlands, call 112 to get assistance from the police, the fire department or the ambulance services. With your foreign mobile phone, you can also dial the emergency number of your own country (e.g. 911 or 999), which will be automatically transferred to the Dutch 112 emergency number.


holland-cycling-medicinesSome medicines, which can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription in the Netherlands, are available over the counter in other countries, and vice versa. Ask your doctor if your prescribed medication contains narcotics and, if necessary, take a medical certificate with you. Pharmacies in Holland are open during regular business hours - they operate a limited service during the night and at weekends.

Health Insurance

If you are suddenly taken ill, or involved in an accident during your visit to the Netherlands, the basic, life-saving treatment is free. For all other illnesses, the treatment is either free or at a reduced cost for European visitors who can show a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, formerly E111). Visitors from countries with whom Holland does not have a reciprocal healthcare agreement are advised to take out travel insurance including coverage for medical treatment. In case of hospitalization, it is recommended that you notify your insurance company immediately, so they can take care of the (high) cost of treatment.
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