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Will I see the Dutch waterworks during my bike tour?

Anyone viewing maps of the Netherlands on which the country is shown a few centuries ago sees a real difference with the Netherlands today. A fairly large part of the Netherlands used to consist of peat bog, tidal area or water parties. Land reclamation has ensured that the Netherlands looks like it looks today. Drying and land reclamation have provided the Netherlands with new land. To defend this land from the sea, the Netherlands has set up an ingenious system of dykes and other flood defenses such as Neeltje Jans. These must protect the lower parts of the Netherlands (sometimes up to meters below sea level) from the water. Worldwide, Dutch people are seen as experts when it comes to land reclamation and flood defenses.

While cycling in the Netherlands you can not -not see any of this systems such as the dikes, and windmills. Extra interested? Then do not hesitate to mention your interest in seeing waterworks with your custom made tour request.

neeltje jan waterworks dike north sea ne
Picture: Neeltje Jans's waterworks from the side

The Netherlands below sealevel dike wind
Picture: Netherlands below sea level

Written on: Jan, 14 2019
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