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Why do so many Dutch people ride a Grandma Bike (Oma Fiets)

In the Netherlands you will see men and women, children and elderly people, in all cities on the "Grandma Bike" (Oma Fiets). But why not choose a more advanced bike?

1. The oma fiets has little extra’s like gears and hand brakes. This makes the bicycle less likely to break. (When one needs to break you push the paddles backwards with your feet).
2. The bikes are made of aluminum, a light material that can certainly take a punch and does not rust.
3. The bike usually has a rear standard so the bike is well supported on both sides when it is parked.
4. The steering wheel is high for an upright riding position which is very comfortable.
5. The bike has a wider gel-saddle.
6. The bike has a low step through entry so it is easy to get on- and off the bike fast.

Gears are often not missed in the cities unless you cycle up- or down a bridge. For longer distances or fast cycling this bicycle is not ideal, though in a city like Amsterdam, where bicycles are often used as a bumper and only for short rides, this bike is essential!

Purple Oma Fiets in Amsterdam on bridge
Written on: Jan, 25 2019
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