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Why cycling is always a great option, but especially during Covid-19!

Due to COVID-19 the whole travel industry is turning upside down. A big challenge, though also a reason to explore new opportunities for both the tourism industry and daily commuters!

Cycling provides a solution in a 1,5m society, for more eco-friendly tourism and for more personal and authentic experiences. We wrote down 4 reasons why we think you should consider a cycling holiday this & next year!

1. When you are outside this reduces the chance of infection. The advantage of cycling is that you automatically keep a distance of 1.5 metres. Cycling holidays are therefore safer then traveling by any type of public transport.
2. Not only this year but in ALL years cycling is healthy because you get a lot of exercise, spend a lot of time outdoors and are in a natural environment. Both physically and mentally, these are important elements to gain in your holiday. During the pandemic especially, some extra Vitamin D can do no harm.
3. Every country is happy with tourism. However, the tourist flow sometimes complicates this as most tourists tend to go to the same cities. Cycling tourism is ideal in this respect, because cyclists also visit the smaller, more picturesque locations. This is nice for the tourist, as well as for the local economy, who are given a helping hand in difficult times.
4. Continuing on point 3, fewer people in one city and more widely distributed tourism also means less chance of wide contamination by the virus.

At Holland Bike Tours we wish everyone a happy and safe rest of the year. Do you have questions about cycling and-or cycling holidays (in the Netherlands)? Please contact us by phone or email. We are happy to help you on your way!

Man cycling to work helmet suit shutterstock_294140165
Pictures: Cyclist commute to work on their bikes
Written on: Sep, 07 2020
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