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Where can I find windmills on my bike tour in the Netherlands?

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Fact 2: Mills
Mills and especially windmills occur in many places in the world. After all, the wind is an excellent and free source of energy. There are countries that have more windmills than in the Netherlands. Yet the Netherlands is seen as a real mill country. This is mainly due to the presence of the historic and scenic polder mills. These mills are used to bring water from a bearing to a higher level with the aid of wind force. Although the function of polder mills is nowadays often replaced by ground, you still see quite a lot of windmills in the Dutch landscapes. This is mainly because people realize that the buildings represent a cultural-historical role. Though also grain mills are seen a lot and often still in use.

And to our cyclists: many of the windmills are open for visitors. You can tell by the spinning of the wing.

When it's not moving: nobody is there.
When it's spinning: big chance one of the millman is there and you can go and have a look!

There is also two main windmill parks that are very interesting for tourist. Holland Bike Tours can easily insert them in your bike tour. Read more when clicking on the links:

- Zaanse Schans Windmills
- Kinderdijk Windmills

Written on: Nov, 12 2018
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