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When- and why should we choose the recreational bike for our cycling tour?

At Holland Bike Tours we offer a lot of flexibility. Not only in routes, duration, starting locations, and dates but also in the type of bikes. If you have any special requirements for a bike we will always try our best to arrange this for you. This way we have happily arranged tricycles, special tandems, recumbent bikes and many more.

Though the bike type we use most is our high quality “Recreational Touring bike”. For recreational cyclist who like to cover a daily distance of anything in between 25 – 60km per day, this is usually the bike we will recommend. We deliver this bike in various frame sizes for all heights. Please find in this item a bit more information about the recreational bike.

Riding position
One of the main components to why choosing the recreational bike, is the more upwards riding position of this bike. This position is great for sightseeing as your head will not be automatically bent towards your steering wheel. Instead your eyes will be pointing forward without having to bend your neck. While sitting upwards you can easily look around you. Many of the Dutch bikes in the Netherlands have upwards a structure like this.

As you’d be riding several days and overall long distances, this bike has a semi soft Selle Royal seat. It is a gel Saddle witch is more comfortable in the long run. Sure, when cycling long distances for several days saddle pains can always be an issue. So special riding pants are always be a smart move. Though this saddle will definitely be comfortable.
Semi soft Selle Royal seat saddle

The recreational bike is a comfortable and firm bike. This way you will feel strong and safe while on the road. Though the bike is still lighter then other recreational bikes, with 16 kg / 35 lbs. When choosing to ride with panniers, a firm bike is always highly recommended for balance.

Due to the bike type and the back rack you can easily put our panniers on the bike. This could be just one pannier for your daily bits, or two bigger panniers when you travel with your luggage instead of the daily carrier service. You will feel very balanced and easy going on a recreational bike either with panniers- or without.
Vaude panniers grey

The recreational bike has the most easy grip shift gearing system by Shimano. To change a gear all you have to do is move your right hand to the front or to the back while you keep holding the ergonomic handlebar. The bike has 8 gears. Perhaps you are used to more, though keep in mind the Netherlands is absolutely flat! 8 gears will be more then you need when on your cycling tour.

Hydraulic breaks
The recreational bikes have very strong Hydraulic breaks. One on the left and one on the right for your front and back wheel. We always advise to use both breaks together on the same time.

The Schwalbe tires on the Recreational bike have a special anti-puncture layer. This protects the inner tube against glass or any other sharp object. The chance on a flat tire is very low.

Kick stand
The recreational bikes all have a kick stand. This way you can park your bike anywhere. Sometimes you see a parking rack to suggest to park your bike with your front wheel in the rack. Though we always ask our cyclist not to use those, as they can bent your front wheel if one bike tips over. Though with the kickstand the solution is very easy.

The recreational bike has a good quality front and rear light. The dynamo is in the hub of the front wheel. When cycling with your lights on you will therefore not feel any difference.

German brand
Our recreational Touring bikes are from the brand VSF Fahrrad Manufactur. At Holland Bike tours we spend a great deal on research on bikes to determine the right bikes for us. This bike needs the right balance between comfort, weight, balance, firmness and durability for touring and recreational cycling. This bike is the absolute winner. Want to read more on VSF? Then please check their website here VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur

Do you have any bike parts of your own that you would like to take with you on the tour? That is no problem. We can easily make adjustments/ change parts to your own. At every tour with Holland Bike Tours, you will personally meet with one of our representatives at the start of the tour. Our representative will take time to fully explain the bike to you and make adjustments if needed to your size and preferences.

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur
Written on: Nov, 28 2019
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