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What is the difference in accomm-level when cycling with Holland Bike Tours?

At Holland Bike Tours we currently offer 3 set levels of accommodation. Standard (that is B&B's and 1-2 star hotels), comfort(3 star hotels) or premium accommodation(3-5 star hotels) at every town or city center. For all categories a private (en suite) bathroom and breakfast is included. We always pay special attention to scenic location, authenticity and atmosphere and we avoid business hotels witch are located along highways or industrial areas.

Hotel category in the Netherlands is based on a scale of 1 to 5. The number of stars a hotel has varies across the world and is not necessarily awarded by a particular organization. Therefore, there may be variations between what a three-star hotel in Barcelona offers and one in Dubai.
In this item we will therefore explain the differences in quality for your stay in the Netherlands with Holland Bike Tours.

1-2 star Hotels & B&B’s. Standard (* or **)
In a 1 or 2 Star hotel you will be provided the bare essentials with some comfort level.
A 1 or 2 star hotel may be less decorated and the quality of the facilities such as sheets and the bed may be lower and a reception may not always be on sight. Standard level hotels are therefore suitable for guests who are looking for a convenient located hotel but only expect the basic facilities and services.

Another option when choosing the standard option is booking a B&B (Bed & Breakfast). With the same budget we look at rooms or apartments at a local home. Depending on the location of the B&B you can get for the same budget a full luxury room with high quality facilities, or more basic facilities. B&B’s are often at a owners house and are therefore small-scale with usually just 1 or 2 rooms. This makes your stay very personal and diverse as the rooms reflect the personality of the owner. You would not have to worry about your privacy. At Holland Bike tours we always work with B&B’s that have a private bathroom, and owners will never enter your room during your stay.
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3 star hotels. Comfort (***)
In a 3 star hotel you will receive a higher quality service, physical attributes and a better design.
Three star hotels do their best to meet the somewhat higher expectations (compared to standard level) they offer their guests an efficient but comfortable stay. A comfort level hotel at least always meets the following conditions:
- The hotel will have a reception.
- The guest must have access to the hotel all day and night.
- The staff is at least available via call for guests during their entire stay.
- The hotel must have a restaurant or the hotel must be located close to restaurants.
- Telephone service will be available in the rooms, as will WiFi in all public areas.
Hotel in an ancient mansion in Zierikzee Double bed hotel room comfort level the

3-5 star hotels. Premium (***, **** or *****)
In 4 and 5 star hotels you will receive above average service and quality. Also the few 3 star hotels we work with in this level provide this, and are a unique high quality experience.
4-5 star hotels have a wider range of facilities and the interior design is of high quality. All service standards are specifically aimed at pleasing the guest. These hotels are often equipped with a dining area and a drink area.
In terms of facilities, these hotels offer at least the same as the comfort hotels, but even more exclusive and extensive.
The menu must include a good breakfast and a full dinner during restaurant opening times.
Extra services are offered (sometimes only on request) such as afternoon tea, luggage assistance, open restaurant during lunch and personal service at breakfast. There are often additional facilities such as a gym, swimming pool or sauna.
Modern luxury restaurant interior with r Luxe intirior design hotel superior leve

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Written on: Dec, 05 2019
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