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What is a typical Dutch meal?

The original Dutch kitchen is mainly based on products that are cultivated and grown in the Netherlands. Potatoes, (tuber) vegetables, dairy, bread and meat are important ingredients in Dutch meals. From the time of the VOC, spices such as pepper, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg ended up in Dutch cuisine. These spices are still being processed in many dishes and delicacies.

Most of the international are happy more than just Dutch food is available, as it is not considered very tasty by most.
Some of these typical Dutch dishes are mashed stew pots. This usually consists of potatoes and vegetables and where other elements such as meat, herbs or fruit are added. The ingredients are crushed and often also mixed together. Stew is usually eaten with meat. Stew pots are often served with a dimple of gravy in the middle. Popular stews are stew kale, stew sauerkraut, stew raw endive and hot lightning. 'Stamppotten' are mainly eaten during the winter season. There are few Dutch people who do not absolutely adore these mashed stew pots.


Written on: Mar, 25 2019
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