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The Netherlands in top countries to visit according to Lonely Planet

Last year the Netherlands was already in a top 10 of the lonely planet with its region (province) Friesland. This year The Netherlands made it in the top 10 with the whole country. Being in the top 10 with countries such as Bhutan, Costa Rica, Aruba and Eswatini (Swaziland).

The Lonely Planet promotes the Netherlands with a picture of the historic ships in the canals of the city of Groningen (below). Though the Lonely Planet also mentioned the Netherlands as a country ready to celebrate next year due to the 75 years of freedom since WWII. The Lonely Planet explains that the Netherlands has a fantastic train system that should be used to see places other then Amsterdam as the guest will be stunned. We at Holland Bike Tours can not agree more! The Netherlands has much more to offer then the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We were glad to hear Lonely Planet also mentioned the 35.000 km of cycling paths to explore the attractions and beautiful nature beyond the cities. Both train and bike are fantastic transport systems in the Netherlands to get around. Even combining them by taking your bike in the train is no problem and very easy.

Are you not sure yet where to go on holiday next year? Then have a look at the Lonely Planet website to learn more about the Netherlands. Want to make a cycling tour? Then check out our tours or contact us to create your perfect set- or custom made tour.

Canal Groningen with ships historic hous

Picture: canal in Groningen
Written on: Oct, 22 2019
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