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Men and women cyclists

A recent Dutch study shows striking differences between men and women cyclists:

•     75% of the men carry out maintenance on their own bikes. Only 35% of women grab the toolbox to maintain theirs.
•     Women are happier when cycling. They sing out loud and hum along more often than men do.
•     Women cycle 25% more often in the city than in rural areas. For men this is the other way around; they bike twice as much through the countryside.
•     Women are irritated by their own bike, wind and slippery roads. Men just get annoyed with other cyclists or cyclists who ride through a red light or do not move over.
•     There are twice as many women as men with bags on their bikes.
•     Women cyclists show better traffic behavior than men: they ignore red lights less often and indicate more often with their arm when turning left and right.
Written on: Sep, 01 2015
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