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Meet our new GPS navigation!

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We are so happy with our new GPS navigation: the Rox 12.0 from Sigma Sport!

In the early 2000's we were one of the first bike tour operators to switch from paper maps to digital GPS navigation. And ever since, easy door-to-door GPS navigation is included in all of our tours. As technology developed, we've kept choosing for the best devices in the market. This meant changing devices every so many years. Our last GPS system has been great on many levels but after 5 years of good use and many software updates, we felt that we could make yet another improvement to our guest's navigation experience.

This year we had plenty of time to search for the best of the best, and we took that time. We searched, compared and thoroughly tested different devices. Eventually we've selected the device that meets all of the requirements for easy and impeccable navigation on our bike tours. We've chosen the renowned German brand Sigma Sport which has been making bike computers for over 35 years. Their new Rox 12 bike navigation outstands other brands when it comes to easy navigation for recreational cycling by first time users. We've highlighted some of the outstanding specifics for our type of tours below:

> Great visibility, even in bright sunlight
> Easy turn-to-turn navigation with highlighted turns
> When off track, automatic rerouting to the set route
> Water proof casing and a full day of battery life
> Easy menu control, comparable to a smart phone
> Last but not least, very reliable software

You can read more on how we create the best routes for our custom and set ours on our Routes and Navigation page.

Source video: Youtube: Sigma Sport / Rox 12
Written on: Dec, 16 2020
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