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Is the Netherlands a Bike Utopia?

Journalist, travel writer and award winning author Laurie Gough cycled with us on a tailored day trip and published an article in the Huffington Post about her cycling experience in the Netherlands.

laurie-jan2016d-Copy-2-1-300x204We took Laurie and her family on a tailored loop tour to discover the hidden gems just an hour away from the big city. We crossed the parks outside of Amsterdam, through the lowlands to the quiet village of Spaarndam. We ended the tour in Haarlem (Amsterdam's little sister) with a traditional Dutch pancake.

"Leaving a major city by bike anywhere in North America would be a horror show but in Amsterdam it’s a breeze. I keep thinking, we’re riding bikes and actually getting respect? More respect than cars? What kind of utopia have I landed in? We have our own well-signposted, generous wide cycle paths and our own junctions where we give way only to other cyclists." Continue reading on the Huffington Post online.

Written on: Sep, 20 2017
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