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Is it a good idea to bring children on a cycling holiday in the Netherlands?

At Holland Bike tours we fully motivate families of all ages to come and cycle in the Netherlands. No other country has so many children on bikes. This is due to the safe cycling infrastructure and because of the flatness of the country. So no cycling up hills or dangerously fast going downwards. Also, in our many years of organizing cycling tours we’ve seen how much children enjoy the cycling tours with their families and create lifelong memories.

The Bruntlett family
Don’t believe us? Perhaps this article about an interview with the Canadian Family Bruntlett who cycled around the Netherlands with their family, and wrote a book about it, can help you make up your mind. "Through cycling circles, they heard stories and saw pictures of cycling in Dutch cities, so they went to the Netherlands to check it out, visiting five cities to study cycling infrastructure, talk with local leaders, and share pictures, videos, and articles." Read the full interview with Chris and Melissa here.

Physical Research
Not only is cycling in the Netherlands fun and safe, it is also really good for your children in many ways. Being out in nature, being active and explore, multitask. It is very good for both body and mind. In 2016 an international panel of experts gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the benefits of exercise in school-age children. The panel of 24 researchers from 8 countries determined that physical activity offers multiple and significant benefits for children’s cognitive development. Read full article by clicking here.

Convinced? Then it is time for the next step, picking out the route and the right gear. The right gear for children is important so you can have the best experience. Are the children able to cycle on their own? Do they need support? Or are the children not old enough to cycle themselves? Below you can find an overview of the different options that we have available. Together with your Holland Bike Tours travel advisor we will decide what option would be best for your children based on their cycling experience- age, height & personality.

* Children’s frame sizes
We have children size bikes available in any frame sizes. All children size bikes will have 3-speed gearing and both handbrakes- and backpedal brakes.
child frame sizes bikes

* Parent- child combi tandem
Not completely confident your child can cycle the ride each day on his/hers own? We have a very fun parent- child combination tandem available. Steering will be done by the adult who sits on the back of the bike. The child in front can cycle along with the parent, or can decide to stop pedaling, rest- and enjoy the sights. A stress-free solution for the parent that has control and the overview on the back of the bike. The tandem comes with 4 gears.
adult child tandem bike

* FollowMe tandem
Some children prefer to have the opportunity of cycling on their own. Unfortunately a child is not always big enough to cycle the whole ride. The FollowMe brings the perfect solution for children up to a 20 Inch bike frame. The FollowMe is attached to the rear wheel of the adult bike and can be attached to the front wheel or the child bike, a very stable construction. When the child rides on his/her own, the FollowMe can be folded-in and carried by the adult bike.
FollowMe tandem addonn children bike

* Weehoo I-GO
Not everybody is big enough to ride a bike. For the smaller children there is the Weehoo I-GO. A great solution for children to have a comfortable and safely constructed seat. The child can decide if he wants to pedal along or not.
WheeHoo IGo bike carrier

* Front- and rear child seat
When bringing a child on the holiday who is not yet old enough to pedal, there is different options too. We can arrange both front- and/or rear seats and attach them to an adult bike. Lot’s of talking, singing and laughs with your child guaranteed!
Rear or front child seat bike

* 2 person(child) trailer
Traveling with a baby or toddlers? Or are you just bringing extra gear with you on your tour? Then we can arrange you a trailer that has enough space for 2 children and extra storage space. The trailer can fit a maxi Cosi. The trailer is foldable and when not cycling, you can use the trailer as a buggy.
Weight: 14.2 Kg / Max. load capacity: 45 kg
Bike Trailer and buggy children

>> Route suggestion: We have a route that is specifically fun with kids. Click here to find out more about our "Cycling with Kids" tour.

We hope to welcome you and your family soon. If you have any questions, or would like advice on distances & routes that are adequate for children? Then please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Holland Bike Tours!
Written on: Jun, 13 2020
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