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In what country can we best find Tulips? The Netherlands!

The Netherlands for beginners!

Are you thinking about coming to the Netherlands? Every week we will post a handy fact about the Dutch for the absolute preparation!

Fact 5: Tulips
The tulip is not a native Dutch plant and is not only found in the Netherlands. Yet tulips are often seen as something typically Dutch. Tulips thrive in the Netherlands because the tulip bulbs need a cool winter to grow. The tulip is actually a symbol for the Dutch flower bulb industry. As people sometimes overlook, the complete flower industry besides the tulips is also huge in the Netherlands. Flowers is one of the biggest Dutch industries.
In the spring, tourists come to the colorful tulip fields. Did you know we have a special tour for this? "Cycling the Tulip Fields". It passes the fields, the flower auction and Keukenhof.

Click Here to go to Cycling the Tulip Fields tour

The Keukenhof is very popular. This flower park near Lisse attracted 1,4 million visitors last year. This happens in a time frame of only 6 weeks! Relatively speaking, Keukenhof is among the five most popular attractions in the Netherlands. Other wel known Dutch flower events are Bloemencorso and the Tulip festival in Amsterdam. And not to forget the "Bedankt voor die bloemen" (thank you for the flowers) from the pope with Easter.

Red and Orange tulip fields in Lisse the

Written on: Dec, 04 2018
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