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How we create your tailored made tour at Holland Bike Tours

At Holland Bike tours we offer a variety of Set tours. These tours are carefully selected routes and include many highlights. The set routes and are chosen specifically so there is a tour for each and every cyclist on every level of difficulty, duration and sights. But what we want to discuss more in this item is our Tailored tours option.

At Holland Bike Tours we can create completely customized tours- or make changes in the already set tours. Perhaps you prefer to ride every other day, instead of each day? Maybe you would prefer a 30 day tour? Or would you prefer camping instead of staying in hotels? Maybe you want to combine two of the tours together? Or perhaps you would like to include areas in the Netherlands that are not included yet on the set tours? And the good thing is that there are no extra costs for this! We always try to make ANYTHING possible and exceed your expectations.

When requesting a customized tour we will ask you a couple of questions. This way we want to get as close as possible to your wishes so we are able to create you the perfect cycling holiday. Questions we will ask are:

- With how many people are you travelling?
- For how many days you want to ride and do you already know when you want to make the trip?
- What is your preference of km/mi that you’d like to ride in one day?
- What type of bikes would you want to ride?
- Is there any specific sights you want to see?
- Do you have a specific area in the Netherlands (or just outside) where you want to travel?
- What level of accommodation would you prefer?
- Would you like the tour to be guided by GPS or with a personal guide joining you?
- Would you like us to arrange you any pre- and/or post tour accommodations?
- Do you have a budget you would like us to stay within?

When creating a tailored tour with Holland Bike Tours (also when booking a set tour) you will have a dedicated travel advisor to offer personal service. This person will guide you through the booking process from start to finish.

For both set tours and tailored made tours we provide a detailed route booklet. In this booklet you will find day- to day information about your route; cycling maps, highlights along the way and information about the towns that you will pass (including favorite restaurants for lunch and dinner and the best museums). For the start of your tour we personally deliver your equipment and take the time for the bike fitting and route instruction. Though also during your tour we won’t stop being there for you as our mobile repair service and a 24/7 service hotline are included.

Do you want more information? Then please never hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to help

Phone: +31 234 100 100
Written on: Oct, 16 2019
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