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How good is the Dutch drinking water?

The cycling season is on a roll and we are loving it! Starting tomorrow it will be really hot in the Netherlands, way warmer than is normal this time of the year in the Netherlands. But we are not complaining. What is important is to bring a hat, sunscreen and to drink enough water. Water in the Netherlands is free, you can have the best water just from the tap! And the taste is great!

"Bottled water is very popular in a number of countries, but in the Netherlands, you don’t need it if you want to drink safe water. Tap water has to meet much more stringent safety requirements than bottled water. It’s both healthier for the environment and your wallet if you simply fill a reusable bottle from the tap."

Want to know more about tap water in the Netherlands? Then read this article.

Drinking water bottle bidon
Written on: Jun, 21 2019
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