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How can I best lock my bike (in the Netherlands)?

Bikes are light and easily transported, which are convenient qualities not only for bike owners, but also for bike thieves. So it is worth taking a few simple steps to keep your precious bicycle locked down when you are not around.

Lock types
Choosing a bicycle lock is a compromise of price, weight and effectiveness. The basic principle is that the lock (and the locking) has to slows down the thief as long as possible.
Flexible cable- and chain locks are easy to use and good for locking to difficult structures. U-locks are stronger, but their shape and inflexibility limits what you can lock to. Chain locks and U-locks are stronger. U-locks are more expensive.

How to lock cable lock
Lock in hand, you’ll next need to decide what to lock to. When racks or locking posts aren’t handy, streetlamps are a decent option. Also sturdy street signs over 6 feet / 2 meters tall frustrate thieves. Avoid locking to flimsy trees, bushes or removable poles. When locking to other infrastructure (such as a stairway handrail or entrance gate), be aware that building security employees sometimes remove bikes that seem hazardous.

While locking up, make sure your lock actually goes through your frame – rather than, say, around your seat post, where it can be conveniently slipped off (it happens...). Consider also what to do about the parts of the bike that aren’t secured by your lock. If your wheels are easy to remove, try running your lock through a wheel as well as your frame and securing the quick-releasable elements separately or taking them with you.

Locking manners mounted lock and cable
Good locking manners are mostly intuitive. Be considerate of others. Don’t lock your bike to someone else’s. Avoid jamming your bike up against someone else’s in a crowded rack or bike pile. Make sure your bike isn’t blocking (or tangled up with) other bikes. And finally, be gentle if you lock to a tree.

Your Holland Bike Tours recreational bike and E-bike includes a frame lock with cable. For your road bike a lightweight cable lock is included.

Bicycle insurance
If you’re coming to Holland for a holiday, do check whether your travel insurance covers not only your luggage, but also your bike. We can also insure your bike for theft at the tour start. If your bike does get stolen, you need to report this to the police. Chances that your bicycle will be found are low, but it is necessary for insurance purposes.

Click on this video to learn more about how to best lock your bikes. Cycling with Holland Bike Tours? Then not to worry, we will provide you with good locks and secured storage in the evening at every accommodation.

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Written on: Jul, 31 2020
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