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Holland from the top

151130-book6There is a fifth volume in the successful series “Holland from the Top”. A very special photo book of the Netherlands.

A rare perspective on the Dutch landscape is provided in a stunning collection of more than 300 aerial photographs. Cities, farms, lakes, beaches, and fields of flowers are recognizable from above but are more abstractly rendered in the aerial view as if part of a different world. Travelers and newcomers to Holland will appreciate the unique images that celebrate the connections between earth and sky in this collection from an award-winning photographer.


Photographer Karel Tomeï: “A few years ago, I thought; a day will come when I’ll have seen enough of Holland. I have long since come to think otherwise. I continue to discover new ways of looking at the country. These often take me to unknown places. I don’t arrive there with the camera at the ready; I first take a look round. I fly over them; I make a sketch, perhaps a few test photographs. In this way, I become familiar with the subject. I allow the landscape to cast its spell over me".
Written on: Nov, 30 2015
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