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Dutch wheelbuilding

Till recent years ‘the hand of the expert’ was always ahead of the machine when it came to perfect wheelbuilding. Product development at Holland Mechanics made the industry shift its perception regarding the benefit of machine built wheels.

Wheel building bike derailleur system
Initially wheelbuilding machines were regarded as useful for mass production only. A wheel is a coherent entity with many different parts which all interfere with each other when building manually. This problem becomes even bigger with all new spoke designs and carbon rims. The new, fully computerized wheelbuilding machines of the Dutch company Holland Mechanics are able to handle all these data.

"As a result we dare to claim that machine built wheels are better than hand built ones. In fact we can prove it with our computer." Mr. Wouter van Doornik of Holland Mechanics explains. "Once we can demonstrate our machine we can persuade our customers of the difference in quality between hand built and machine built. High-end branded wheel sets like American Classics are convinced of the quality we can provide them."

Source video: / Holland Mechanics
Written on: Apr, 29 2013
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