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Bike-to-work cycling

In order to stimulate bike-to-work cycling, commuters in the Dutch eastern city region of Arnhem-Nijmegen could be eligible for a rebate of 30% off the purchase price of an electric bicycle. Within three months the available subsidies were exhausted.

Cycling to work NetherlandsBefore purchasing such a subsidized electric bicycle, six out of ten participants drove a car to work. Presently only two out of ten travel by car. It is expected that the number of car users will double under the influence of winter weather. Employees who purchased a subsidized pedelec, drive on average 74 km less per week by car or motorbike.

The incentive of a subsidy was the decisive factor in purchasing a pedelec for at least half of the participants. Without the subsidy they would not have done so. 97% percent of the pedelec owners are very satisfied with their purchase. Besides the financial aspect and the contribution to a better environment, the shortened travel time and health improvement are the most important reasons.
Written on: May, 23 2014
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