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Let your light shine… on the road in front of you

In many European countries, including the Netherlands, most bicycles designed for everyday use come equipped with dynamo lights.
In North America, lights are considered more of an accessory than a requirement. The average bicycle shop will only offer plenty of choices for battery-operated lights, often small and detachable. But dynamo lighting is gaining in popularity in North America and manufacturers are starting to offer standard models equipped with on-board lights.

What is a dynamo?
A modern bicycle dynamo is an energy-generating hub built into the front wheel of a bicycle that typically powers lights. Hub dynamos run light and are very energy efficient.

Good bike lights
A good front light is bright enough to be visible and illuminates the road in front of the bike with a bright beam pattern, not blinding oncoming traffic. In the Netherlands, cyclists are required to have a white light up front and a red light in rear while riding in the dark.

Dynamo or battery operated lights?
Sealed from the elements, hub dynamos produce consistent and reliable lighting in all weather. These dynamos can also power USB ports for charging your GPS or mobile phone. Some dynamo operated lights also have a standlight feature, a built-in capacitor that continues to power the lights for four minutes once you stop moving. This feature ensures that you remain visible while stopped at intersections.

The Holland Bike Tours recreational bikes and E-bikes are equipped with a durable, energy efficient and light running hub dynamo, with the clever standlight feature. This makes an (unexpected) late ride from your diner restaurant back to your hotel or B&B nothing to worry about.

On-board lighting also adds some weight to the bike, typically 1.5 pounds / 700 grams. While you wouldn’t want one on a lightweight (race) road bike, you can bring your own clip-on bike battery lights when you do one of our road bike tours.
Written on: Jan, 21 2017
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