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A stainless steel but lightweight 3D printed bicycle

A team of students from Tech University of Delft have created a very unique bike. This 3D printed stainless steel bicycle weighs roughly 12kg.

The fully functional bike was created in just three months and was constructed using the help of MX3D in Amsterdam. It is the very first 3D printed metal bicycle to be constructed using a robotized welding process.

The Arc Bicycle made its public debut at a university science fair and gained a lot of attention. Visitors to the students’ booth were intrigued by the bike’s unique method of construction, and were incredulous that a stainless steel bicycle could be so lightweight. According to the students, the bike is “primarily a concept bicycle” but they hope that others will take note of the project and build on their research for future 3D printed bicycles.

Written on: Apr, 06 2017
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