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10 reasons why you should go on a cycling holiday!

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Some people might think that cycling holidays are only for the experienced cyclist and active adventurers. Where indeed the longer distances & the road bike tours would be a better fit for the experienced cyclist, the shorter tour options are fantastic for just about everyone!
We hope all people will put on their discovery hat and contact us. Because there is so many reasons why cycling holidays (in the Netherlands) is the best holiday imaginable! For everyone! Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Activate your senses
Maybe you are already familiar with hiking or other outdoor activities without a motorized vehicle, but one of the main advantages of being outside while traveling is that you get to experience so much more. The smell of the flowers and trees, the sound of the birds and friendly people waiving and saying ‘hello’, the sight of every single detail around you. You simple won’t experience this in any other way.

2. Decide your own pace
The way the Netherlands is cultivated is perfectly for cycling. Towns are usually not further then 20 minutes to 1 hour of cycling away from each other witch makes it that you pass many towns with all conveniences that comes with it in one day. You won’t need to hurry to make it in time to find a place to eat, but there will be plenty of options for you along the way. So you can completely choose your own pace! No stress on highways or people hurrying to work, but cycle on your own speed and enjoy the sights along the way. The bike gives you the best combination of; not to fast, and not to slow.

3. Be able to reach all beautiful and picturesque places
The car is of course quite convenient to get from point a to b. But cycling will give you the perfect possibility to reach all places you are only able to get to by bike or feet. The beautiful forests, the stretched purple heathlands, the stunning dunes & the National Parks are almost always closed off for cars. Yet on a bike you are more then welcome! At Holland Bike Tours we will include the most beautiful designated bike paths in your daily routes.

4. Experience the unique Dutch cycling infrastructure
After some years of great protest in the 60s, activist got the Dutch government to change their destination plan for towns and cities and from there on the Netherlands has really made some great decisions. The infrastructure for cyclist; nowhere on this planet you will find a safer, greater and diverse cycling infrastructure for cyclist. Cycling highways, priority rules and designated cycling paths often make it more fast & safe to cycle into a town or city then any other way. No more being stuck in traffic, no more sharing roads with cars. In the Netherlands the streets has first priority to cyclist and you will love to experience this!

5. Support the local & be more then welcome
Like some other beautiful cities, also Amsterdam is getting more tourist over each year, and its about to get more then it can handle in high season. We fully understand people to come and visit Amsterdam, as it is a truly beautiful city. Tough the Netherlands has much more beautiful like that to offer! Then there is also the smaller towns with their great history and beauty. There is so many great places like that, it would be to much to write down. But believe us! Not only will you get to see more then you might expect, the locals will be very pleased with your arrival as they are proud to have you over and show you the sights.

6. Choose our favorites or decide yourself completely, with the endless options
We won’t need to reserve you specific times for the bus to depart, or when your group tour is continuing. Neither will you need to follow one option route or can you start your tours on one specific day. At Holland Bike Tours we offer endless options to make your holiday perfect for you. Of course our local experts will advise and help decide wherever you please so you are sure to get the best value. Also during the tour itself you can decide how you are going to spend your day rather than have a tour leader decide it for you. We have all options prepared for you, so you can just decide where you want to go for dinner, at what time you want to wake up, and witch sights you want to go visit.

7. Make memories that will stay with you forever
“Remember that day in the Netherlands when we road through that National Park, came across those huge highlanders and had that local brewed beer at the beach house?” This you will answer with “YES” because those memories of active adventures will last a lifetime. The experience of your cycling holiday will be so unique that you will never forget! You really have all the time to soak in everything around you and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

8. Create your perfect combination of adventure and pampering
Adventure and outdoors activities are great, yet this is still your holiday! And you also want to relax. We absolutely agree and therefore all our tours are fully comfortable. Even though all hotels will have breakfast and a private en-suite bathroom included, you can decide what level of extra comfort you’d like to include in your tour. In this Blog you can read more on the 3 accommodation levels. Yet did you know you can also choose to have your luggage transferred from each accommodation every day? And that a guide can lead your way if you want to? And that you can choose spa’s, fine dining, and anything else you can think of in your tour? Just tell us what you are looking for and we will make sure you will experience the time of your life.

9. Meet new people and cultures
One thing is for sure, you won’t be alone on the cycling paths on your holiday in the Netherlands. Also, other than when driving by car you will be able to connect with way more people along the road. Foreigners being part of Dutch culture are warmly welcomed in any town. Also, the accommodations are small scale and in city centers. So no big business and impersonal highway hotels. But instead feel the personal touch. Another nice advantage? Mind the accent, but almost all Dutch people speak English, and always love to practice!

10. Get (even more) in shape and be happy!
Now we might have kept the most obvious one for last, but it should definitely be in this list. Going on a cycling holiday is super healthy! Not only will your body get in shape as your burning calories while not even noticing it as you are just enjoying your day to much, also your mental health will grow with an active body, brain and fresh air!

We can arrange cycling tours for kids, tall people, short people, first timers, elderly people, disabled or just fun people! As we happily customize any tour for you (at no additional costs for this service) we can make sure the cycling holiday fits your party perfectly.
With all different types of equipment for kids, E-bikes, road bikes, tour bikes & adjusted bikes such as trikes, tandems and recumbents more is possible then you might think! Not comfortable riding our (easy to use) GPS system yourself? Then don’t worry at all and book a private guide to join you. Or maybe just want a guide for the first day to help you get started? All is possible.

See you soon??

The Holland Bike Tours team
Written on: Oct, 26 2020
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