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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the tour start, and where will I be dropped off after the tour finish?

The start and finish of your tour takes place either at a railway station, or at your hotel or B&B. In your tour enquiry or the tour proposition request, you can ask us for the most efficient and most convenient transfer procedure. Transfers are made by train (the Dutch Railways infrastructure is excellent), by taxi or using your own car.

When does my tour start and end?

Both start and finish times of the tour are listed at the tour features. At the start there is time for giving instructions about the equipment and route. If you want to arrive before the tour starts, or stay longer after the tour finishes, we can also book you extra accommodation nights.

Is it safe to cycle in the Netherlands?

The cycling infrastructure and cycling facilities in the Netherlands are very good. In Holland motorists can usually anticipate the cyclist’s next move and they appear to pay more attention to cyclists than motorist do in many other countries, because most drivers are also cyclists.

What kind of weather can I expect during my cycle vacation?

Holland is small country with little climatic differences. It is rarely too hot or too cold – due to its maritime (North Sea, Atlantic Ocean) climate. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year, with a dryer period between April and September. In April, early mornings can be chilly.

What can I do if the weather is very bad for cycling?

During a guided tour you will be picked up by the support van. If you are on a self-guided tour, you can use public transport to take you and your bike on to the next stopping place.

What if I break down on my rental bike?

During the guided tours, either the guide or the support van crew will repair or replace the bicycle. During a self-guided tour you can use the toolkit provided for minor defects or visit one of the many local bicycle repair shops. In case of a major breakdown, that prevents you from continuing your tour we send out our quick response mobile repair service. The average response time is 30 minutes and the on-the-spot repair success rate is 95%. Where the 5% of breakdowns prevent the continued use of the bicycle, you will be taken to the next accommodation address where your bike will be replaced as soon as possible. The breakdown repair service is included in the tour price.

What is the pace like when riding in a group on a guided tour?

First of all: this is your vacation and it is not a race. Each tour specifies a specific level of ability that indicates whether the tour level matches your fitness and cycling experience. Even with the guided tours, your can often go along at own pace. If you cycle faster than the others in your group, you can use the route directions and take off on your own. If you like to stop a lot or if you cycle more slowly, there is always the tour guide to pick you up, or the support van that can carry you and your bike to the next stopping place.

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